Parents without partners dating sites

We strive to be a fun, supportive, and friendly community of great single parents connecting with one another and families through events, activities and adventures.

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The people are usually pretty friendly and happy to make you feel welcome.I can't speak of PWP as an adult, but as a kid I loved it and it might be worth checking out so your kids can mingle with others in the same situation and see that life can still be fun :)PWP is okay depending which group you go to. I am not going to my local group anymore mainly because it's to close to home and a number of people keep re-hashing their past relationships, like in real horror stories. Give it a go..have nothing to lose.i've tryed it depending on area lot's of family activity's u,mm danceing (ballroom,rock,ect)card night's,w/end's away to diffent place's umm what else (busy thinking)been there done it all,kid's activite's lot's of good thing's to choose from, i meet my ex there for her it was lov at first sight h,mmm(scratch's head) go to www,au Wow! My parents divorced when I was I was seven years old and I remember my Mom taking us to PWP events...cookouts, trips to the beach, whale watching cruises... In retrospect, it must've been like huge-gantic play date for my Mom and I don't think any of us regretted a moment of those get togethers.

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